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Our Hi-Lift is designed to serve aircraft with doorsill heights ranging from 2650 mm to 6,000 mm. The unit has a load carrying capacity of 4000 kgs. It is mechanized with hydraulic system which is controlled by electro-mechanical solenoid directional.

We offer Hi-Lift with wide variety of framework, designs, adjuvant features, as per client’s requirement. To cater for a lower loading platform, client can opt for a Drop Cab or a Half Cab Version.We also provide mini Hi-Lift specially customized with budget carriers which caters a loading height of 3750 mm and has a lower rated payload.

The option of PLC enables all the operations. We also provide HMI system.


  • 2 way intercom.
  • FRP/Polyurethane/FRP wall and ceiling.
  • PLC option available.
  • Large tinted window as per requirement.


Our Ambulift is used for moving incapacitated passengers on wheelchairs or stretchers with ease. Our ambulift is made on commercial chassis and have a variety of customization that is tailor made for your fleet. The disabled passenger are taken on board with the Tail Lift at ground level to ensure the most safe and efficient serviceability of disabled passengers on wheelchairs and stretchers, to and from the aircraft.

The unit is capable of elevating to aircraft doors with sill heights of 5800 mm with a Capacity of 2 stretchers or 4 wheelchairs.

The double scissors and stabilizer assembly are constructed on a common sub-frame. A front loading platform above the cab rises at the same level as the van body floor to provide a level interface with aircraft doorsills. The platform can be extended hydraulically to reach the aircraft doorsill.


  • Side access door with stairwell
  • Caged tail-lift which can raise/lower/fold/unfold
  • Large tinted windows
  • Extensive inside medical equipment
  • 2 way intercom
  • FRP/Polyurethane/FRP wall and ceiling

Toilet Cart

Our Toilet Cart is a self-contained unit consisting of an approximate 2200 litre waste tank, 1300 litre water tank, water pump, waste tube, compartment and lift platform assembled. The internal walls of the tank have been installed with self-cleaning sprays.

The unit is recommended to be fitted with a vacuum pump to speed up the discharging process.

The scissor lift platform at the rear of the unit helps operators to reach the aircraft’s water filling port easily.

We can also offer Toilet Cart with an operation through an electric motor or engine with an ergonomic in design can easy to operate and maintain.


  • SS tank of 2000 litre & 1000 litre
  • Servicing lift at rear provided as per requirement
  • Most components galvanized plated/ powder coated or covered by PU Paints
  • Special anti-corrosive painting
  • Stable and steady lift
    Special hydraulic circuit with energy saving features

Water Cart

Our water servicing cart is a self-contained unit consisting of a stainless steel water tank and lift platform. The interior of cart is smoothened and coated with food grade paint.It is formed from a 4.5 mm stainless steel with ends dished outwards to take water surge.

Varieties of configurations are available as per clients requirements.


  • Stainless Steel tank of 3000 lt cap.
  • Servicing lift at rear provided as per requirement.
  • Most components galvanized plated/ powder coated or covered by PU Paints.
  • Special anti-corrosive painting.
  • Stable and steady lift.
  • Special hydraulic circuit with energy saving features.
rinsing equipments

Rinsing Equipment

Rinsing Equipment is used to clear off the aircraft’s dust which is accumulated during flights.
It is a self contained equipment  made of stainless tank and other components.
We at Aakash can make this equipment for various configurations.


-Stainless steel tank of 6000 liters (Capacity).
-Galvanized plated/Powder coated/Pu Paints.
-Special Anti Corrosive painting.
– Pressure of 10 bar.
Value Addition  : Aircraft Cleaning reduces unwanted payload and increases fuel efficiency.

Non Motorized Equipment


Pallet /Container Dolly

Our Pallet/Container dolly is designed with a standard version. Our Pallet/Container Dolly can be tailored to meet individual requirement.

Our Pallet/Container Dolly is rugged and is suitable and treated for outdoor use. It is capable of handling LDs ranging from LD1 to LD10.

The manufacturing of our Pallet/Container Dolly is from steel frames fitted with gravity rollers.
The front wheels are of swivelled type and rear fixed. Steering is done through the 2 front swivel wheels maintaining identical tracking when being towed.


Baggage Trolley

Our Baggage Trolley is designed with the specified standard version. Baggage Trolley can be tailored to meet individual requirement.

The trolley is designed for transportation of baggage and light cargo with a minimum payload.

The trolley is rugged and is suitable and treated for outdoor use.

Our design is appropriate to be towed (up to 4 trolleys) at 40 km/h on bitumen roads.


Towable Step Ladder

Our Towable Step Ladder are used for transiting passengers. It is fabricated with international standards using graded material which is designed to serve aircraft doorsill heights of 2400 mm to 5750 mm with Advanced hydraulic technology.

The frame is designed to allow it to be mounted on any suitable commercial chassis. It is made from steel structures and is externally finished with aluminium panels.

The steps and platform flooring are constructed from aluminum chequered plates with extrusion nose lining the forward edge of each bend.


Towable BFL

Our freight loader are vehicles with conveyor belts for loading and unloading of baggage and cargo onto aircraft. A belt loader is positioned at the door sill of an aircraft hold(baggage compartment) during operation. BFL are used for narrow body aircraft and the bulk hold of wide body aircraft. Stowing baggage without containers is known as bulk loading.

All operations are controlled though solenoid valves. Belt movement is accomplished with a hydraulic motor acting upon a drive motor. Two single acting cylinders mounted in “H” frames are used to raise and lower the boom in both the front and rear.