Airport Baggage Cart

  • FAQs
  • What are Baggage Cart?
    It is a specialized ground support equipment used for the transfer of luggage efficiently between different places at the airport. It has a robust design and sturdy structure, which enables the cart to take heavy loads of various kinds, from small bag to overloaded items.
  • What features should I look for in a baggage trolley before buying?
    Important features to consider are sturdy structure, ergonomic design for smooth operation, safety features and the option to customize as per the ground handler’s requirement.
  • Can the Baggage Trolley be Customized?
    Yes! Certainly. We can customize the baggage trolley as per your requirement. This includes incorporating additional features, and branding elements like color scheme and logo to align with professional visibility of your company.
  • Who operated the baggage trolley?
    Generally, these carts are operated by airport staff or ground handlers. The ground handlers place passengers’ luggage in a baggage trolley at the baggage makeup area. This area is generally located near check-in counters. After the luggage is checked in, ground handlers transfer them to the airplane with the help of baggage handling carts and towable baggage conveyor belts.
  • Are these carts electric or towed?
    These carts are towable. These carts are generally towed by a vehicle like baggage tractor. These carts are an ideal choice for frequent transfers of heavy luggage or even transfers between two terminals.
  • Does Aakash Engineers make curtain-type baggage trolleys?
    It was a popular choice a few years back, but curtain-type carts have its disadvantages. The presence of curtains created accessibility challenges. It became tedious to load and unload goods. Also, there were raised security concerns with this type of trolley. To overcome the shortcomings of curtain-type trolleys, closed-type baggage handling  carts were invented and they instantly became a popular choice.