Industrial Wheels

Polyurethane on cast iron wheels (PU on CI Wheels)

PU on CI caster wheels is commonly used in material handling equipment,…
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Polyurethane on Nylon Wheel (PU on Nylon)

Polyurethane on nylon wheels are known for their durability, strength, and excellent…
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Casting Wheel/ Cast Iron Wheel

Cast iron wheels manufactured by Aakash Engineers are a great choice for…
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Solid Rubber Tyre- Pressed Steel Disc

The solid rubber tyre - Pressed Steel Disc manufactured by Aakash Engineers…
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Solid Rubber Tyre- Cast Iron Disc

Aakash Engineer’s Solid Rubber Tyre with cast iron discs is made to…
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UHMW Wheel

Introducing our UHMW wheels, manufactured and designed by Aakash Engineers for outstanding…
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Phenorex/Fiber Wheel

Introducing our Phenorex wheels, manufactured by Aakash Engineers for unbeatable strength and…
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Rubber Bonded Wheel

Rubber bonded wheels from Aakash Engineers are a flexible and long-lasting alternative…
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For the past 25 years, Aakash Engineers has been a trusted manufacturer of high-quality wheels in India. From heavy-duty industrial wheels to specialized wheels for specific applications, we have the expertise and experience to deliver the right solution

Choosing the right Industrial wheel for your application

Wheel TypeMaterialLoad CapacityDurabilityWear & Tear ResistanceChemical ResistanceTractionCommon Application
Casting WheelCast IronHighHighHighLowModerateMaterial Handling, Towline Conveyors
PU on CI WheelPolyurethane on Cast IronHighHighHighLowHighManufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution Centers
PU on Nylon WheelPolyurethane on NylonHighHighHighLowHighManufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution Centers
Solid Rubber TireSolid RubberModerateHighHighLowHighMaterial Handling Equipment, Ground Support Equipment
UHMW WheelUltra-high-molecular-weight PolyethyleneLowHighHighHighLowFood Processing, Pharmaceuticals
Rubber Bonded WheelRubber Bonded to Metal CoreHighHighHighLowHighMaterial Handling Equipment, Trolleys, Carts
Phenorex WheelPhenolic Resin with Reinforcing FibersHighHighHighLowHighHeavy-Duty Applications
To ensure durability, dependability, and long-lasting performance, our wheels are manufactured using premium components and cutting-edge production techniques. We take pleasure in our ability to offer specialized solutions that satisfy the particular needs of our customers.
At Aakash Engineers, we are committed to providing clients with goods that go above and beyond their expectations and provide incomparable value.