Dock Levellers

In simpler terms, Dock levellers can be thought of as stationary objects positioned at the dock's entrance. Its main component is a lip, which is a metal plate. It is stowed and then lowers onto the trailer or truck's body to perform its duty.

What are Dock Levellers and how does it work?

A Dock ramp  is used to bridge the gap between a loading dock and trailer of a truck. This mechanical device is one of the most essential equipment for any company that receives goods via truck at it’s facility. Docks guarantee efficient loading and unloading of goods.

There are several types of dock bridges available on the market, including hydraulic, mechanical, and air-powered levellers. Each type of these levellers has its own pros and cons. You should decide on the type of leveller to use depending on the type of goods, facility, and specific needs if any.

You must have seen Hydraulic Dock ramps at most of the facilities, it is the most common type and is widely used.There is a reason that makes it a popular choice. They are easy to operate, require minimum repairs and maintenance, and can support heavy loads. The flip side is, installation can be time-consuming and it may not be as environmentally friendly as other equipment.

Mechanical Dock Ramps use a system of counterweights and springs to raise and lower the dock ramp. They are easier to install and maintain than hydraulic ramps. However they can be complicated to operate and may not be suitable for heavy-duty goods.

Air-powered Dock bridges use airbags to vertically raise and lower the ramp. They are user friendly, demand minimum maintenance, and can support heavy loads. However they can lead to big–budget installations and repairs, also due to its dependence on air compressors, it may not be appropriate for some facilities.

Regardless of the type of Dock plate you choose, it is important to train and brief employees about the equipment. Apart from that, one should regularly inspect the equipment. This includes checking the leveller for damage, to ensure the safety of the work environment.

To conclude, a  leveller is a pivotal material handling equipment for any facility that sends/receives goods via truck. It permits safe loading and unloading of goods. There are several types of Docks available in the market. Before you explore foreign markets, let me tell you,  India has few manufacturers and suppliers of Dock levelers.

Aakash Engineers has been a manufacturer of Material Handling Equipment for the past 25 years. We have supplied levellers to many private as well as government organizations. You may request a call back to discuss your material handling needs at length with our technical staff.

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